You are currently viewing Best Lightning Fast, Secure and Eco-friendly Web Hosting for WordPress
Best Lightning Fast, Secure and Eco-friendly Web Hosting for WordPress

Best Lightning Fast, Secure and Eco-friendly Web Hosting for WordPress

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There are a limited number of hosting providers that offer lightning fast WordPress hosting services. And that service is an Eco friendly WordPress Hosting service. It is provided by the popular hosting company GreenGeeks.

You can purchase three packages for WordPress from this hosting company: Lite, Pro and Premium. And all those hosting are provided under different features and you can get a WordPress hosting package that suits your needs. The price is at a minimum. But the hosting quality is at a premium.

Below is a picture of the features offered by GreenGeeks web hosting company for WordPress hosting. It will help you choose the lightning fast WordPress hosting package that includes the features you need.

Why Choose GreenGeeks Lightning Fast WordPress Hosting?

It is the customers who decide whether an organization is good or bad. More than 55000 customers have purchased GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting alone and new customers are joining daily. The reason for that is the quality of this company and hosting service.

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Best Lightning Fast, Secure and Eco-friendly Web Hosting for WordPress

Everything You Need for WordPress

1-Click Install WordPress

This hosting comes with the ability to automatically install WordPress with a single click of the mouse. It also carries out optimizations to ensure the best performance of the website.

WordPress Acceleration

This WordPress plugin with hosting allows you to take advantage of LiteSpeed’s LS cache. It will make your WordPress site perform 4X faster.

Automatic updates

When enabled, the WordPress platform detects outdated versions and performs automatic updates to WordPress core and plugins to keep that WordPress site secure.

WordPress backups on demand

All plans on a WordPress site are backed up daily. Pro & Premium plans have access to on-demand backups to easily restore data in case of data loss.

Free SSL certificates

Ensuring a website is secure strengthens search rankings. A free SSL certificate powered by Encrypt is included here to ensure HTTPS compatibility.

24/7 support

Has brilliant customer service with years of experience to support their customers via chat, ticket or phone.

Free domain name or transfer

As part of this web hosting service, GreenGeeks offers a free domain name registration or transfer for the first year of WordPress hosting.

Free WordPress Migration

WordPress migration experts will move your WordPress installation for you to migrate the WordPress website.

Quick Launch WordPress

Choose a theme and go with the quick launch wizard here to quickly and easily launch a website or blog using WordPress!

Considering all the above, the WordPress hosting service provided by GreenGeeks is at the top.

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